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NFT auction raised $25K in aid, Becomes Exhibition: Press Release

Updated: May 29, 2022

Title: Charitable NFT auction Avatars for Ukraine raised $25K for medical aid, becomes permanent exhibition

UKRAINE, May 25, 2022 / Charitable NFT auction Avatars for Ukraine closed Sunday May 22, raising more than $25 thousands for medical aid. The auction featured emotional art reflecting war in Ukraine and was created by the country's top cinema and video game artists. Money raised supported medical aid for the Ukrainian defenders via the official crypto wallet of Ukraine, Aid For Ukraine. The collection was a collaboration between Ukrainian artists, the charity NFT platform and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. By popular requests, the remaining artworks from the collection will be available to purchase as NFT starting Monday May 30, from the charitable permanent exposition at:

Despite the recent catastrophic 92% decline in the NFT market volume, Avatars for Ukraine charity NFT collection was able to raise more than $25 000 in only 3 days, selling almost one third of its total repository. This success could be explained by the strong fundamentals of the collection, a rare characteristic for the NFT. The artworks were created by top Ukrainian digital artists credited for internationally successful movies Bladerunner 2049, Fantastic Beasts, Star Trek and game hits Rainbow Six, Halo, League of Legends. Europe’s best science fiction illustrator Volodymyr Bondar, prestigious EuroCon award winner, contributed with an exclusive artwork, created not long after his volunteering experience of evacuating people from the heavily shelled Kharkiv city. Many of the artworks featured in the collection went viral in social media and received millions of views and impressions, others were used for fundraising via charitable merchandise. Most importantly, the artworks from the collection emerged during 3 months of war in Ukraine, the military conflict that many considered to be the largest of its kind since WWII.

The artists believe that the emotional artworks of Avatars for Ukraine collection capture the embodiment of everything free Ukraine stands for: its soul, spirit, wisdom and love. "Embodiment", the original meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘avatar’, reflects this high concept in the title. Many NFT collections are exclusively interested in the money aspect of it, but for the ideologists behind the Avatars for Ukraine, it is all about providing medical aid to Ukrainians that risk their life defending the nation. The initiative is supported by Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and was initially announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov. Avatars for Ukraine charity NFT collection will return in a form of a permanent exhibition on Monday May 30 on 52 artworks will be available to purchase at a fixed price 0.5 ETH each (approximately $1000), while supply lasts.



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